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Meal Prep Monday: Pasta Salad

Happy Monday, Yackamaniacs!  We have whipped up a yummy pasta salad for your weekly meal prep!  This pasta salad makes enough for 6 portions and can be eaten hot or cold!  WIN!  Top this with grilled chicken, lean ground beef, grilled salmon, or turkey bacon for a full balanced meal packed with protein and enough carbs to fuel you through your afternoon! You can even add in veggies like red onion, mushrooms, and olives for a little extra flair!  Want to add in some fat? Throw on in a 1/2 of an avocado! Yumm!

Check out this great article about new and exciting pasta varieties on the market right now!  Check out which ones work best for your diet and give them whirl!  You might be surprised what you never knew you liked!

As always, if you give our recipe a try this week, please tag us on social media or shoot us an e-mail with your meal prep snap!!