The Yards Athletic Club

12 Days of Christmas

Join The Yards Athletic Club for 

12 days of Christmas

…beginning December 14th …until Christmas Day!

 12 days  *  12 activities or goals   *  12 healthy habits

to inspire you into the New Year

12.14.15 Monday Day 1 – try a new Super Food (chia/kale/quinoa/acai/faro/sweet potato)

12.15.15 Tuesday  Day 2 – exercise – dance – move your body – take a walk

12.16.15 Wednesday Day 3 – drink twice as much water as you usually do (aim for 64 oz.)

12.17.15 Thursday Day 4 – get some sun, either opening shades during the day or spend some time outside if possible

12.18.15 Friday Day 5 – add steps to your day by parking far or taking the stairs

12.19.15 Saturday Day 6 – give up one unhealthy item or habit for the day (or for the new year)

12.20.15 Sunday Day 7 – be positive…give someone a smile/hug/compliment

12.21.15 Monday Day 8 – eat twice as many fruits/veggies as you usually do

12.22.15 Tuesday Day 9 – get up from your desk and stretch every hour

12.23.15 Wednesday Day 10 – eat 3 healthy meals and 3 healthy snacks

12.24.15 Thursday Day 11 – bring 2 items for donation to the Harvesters barrel…please

12.25.15 Friday Day 12 – Put down the phones and focus on loved ones, playing games or beginning an activity or tradition and makes the holiday meaningful!

Feel free to add, subtract, modify or transform these 12 days to fit your life. In fact, if you’re feeling truly inspired, write your own list! Participating in this challenge will carry you into the New Year having already made steps to a healthier lifestyle.